Introducing Short Socks!

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Don't let any other ducks fool you.

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No, you won't melt from that beauty overdose. But at least you'll look beautiful after all if you decide to bang a buck for an "Asab" cup if you're rocking this one while you're drinking the only halal sugar canned drink in the world!

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Shrooms are not legal, but our socks are. Take your feet to another dimension with our Psychedelic pair today, may they take you to a better dimension if you wear them.

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Sk8er Pizza

Pepperoni on a wheel, better than an old movie on a reel. Get rolling with our pizza slice to wherever you're going, and remember...Pizza is not made for sharing as they claim.

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The dark horse of your outfit will always be that detail that you can't always see; and in your case it will be that pair of socks you are rocking through your days in Egypt that might make your day much worse. But it won't be as bad if you were not rocking a good pair of socks that can make you look cool and make you feel comfortable, right? That is what we aimed for in Lazybut, create something that looks cool and also suitable for day-to-day usage. However, it took us a lot of time to decide which piece of cloth will get the pleasure to be our main playground. Because we love underrated stuff, it came to socks. Here, at Lazybut, we create our original, authentic, and in-house designed socks in form of collections made by designers based in Egypt and it's suburbs that know what can really fit you into the community to be always ready to catch up with the trends pretty quick in a form of a...well....socks, that is our aside, feel free to wander and cruise around our websites to choose that hot pair of socks that fits you. Make sure also to pick one of Mossad's stickers on the way, they are for free with any pair of! Oh! It's ours too, don't let any other duck fool you.

My life became better after wearing these socks

Rafaat Al-Hippie

Wearing these socks is like winning the lottery.

Mosaad Al-Duck

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky

Michael Scott